RoundCube is a client based on Web IMAP and that is very easy to install & configure. RoundCube is open-source and free software that is subject to General Public License that except plugins and skins. The main feature of Roundcube is that all data are stored in the database and it does have the interface of the desktop. RoundCube has the well-known feature of the prevalent usage of Ajax technology.

Occasionally we might receive an error message, whenever RoundCube webmail tries to connect with its database. And the error occurs in cPanel server like “database error failed, unable to connect to the database. Please contact your server-administrator”.One of the main reasons for such an error is that the mailbox could have been getting corrected.

Here in this section, we are going to show how to overcome RoundCube database errors and how to fix the issues as well.

Fixing Database Error – RoundCube Webmail:

It is always advisable to check the database, server status and assure it is running and active. We can use various methods to resolve the problems. They are as follows,

Method 1: Restoring with the previous version of the mailbox database is one of the recommended and easiest ways to solve the issues.

Below mentioned the process to fix and restore the previous version of the mailbox database:

  • Either go to the folder of cPanel ‘/home/<cpanel_user>/etc/<domain>/’ and change the name of the file from <email_user>.rcube.db to <email_user>.rcube.db.bakor moving it out of that folder.

Change the name of the file from<email_user>.rcube.db.<number_stamp> (make use of the most recent copy based on the timestamp) to <email_user>.rcube.db.And now here we go, try to access your RoundCube.

Method 2: Another method of fixing an issue without restoring the previous settings is to restart the RoundCube from the beginning.

The following procedure shows how to fix this issue:

  • Either change the name of the file from <email_user>.rcube.db to <email_user>.rcube.db.bak or moving it out of that folder.

And now you can try to access the RoundCube again.

Normally for database storage like contacts, information, and other details, RoundCube makes use of SQLite or MySQL. Due to this, it is mandatory to RoundCube needs to be connected to its database in order to pick up the information. And in case of failure on the database connectivity may cause a “database error connection failed” error message displayed in the cPanel server. Using the different methods mentioned above we can overcome these kinds of issues.

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