In order to enable/disable any of these plugins, you need to add/remove each plugin’s name to/from Roundcube’s configuration file. Here is how it’s done: (For demonstration we will enable the “password” plugin)

1- Open the main config file:

vi /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/config/

2- Find this configuration option:

$config[‘plugins’] = array(‘cpanellogin’,’cpanellogout’,’archive’,’calendar’, ‘return_to_webmail’,’carddav’);

3- Add the name of the plugin that you wish to enable to the array above:

$config[‘plugins’] = array(‘cpanellogin’,’cpanellogout’,’archive’,’calendar’, ‘return_to_webmail’,’carddav’,’password’);

4- Save and exit the file

5- Reload Dovecot:


Change it :


$rcmail_config[‘zipdownload_attachments’] = 1;
// Zip entire folders
$rcmail_config[‘zipdownload_folder’] = true;
// Zip selection of messages
$rcmail_config[‘zipdownload_selection’] = true;

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