CPanel Web host management software provides an intuitive interface for managing a website server. When running complex scripts on the server, you may occasionally need to stop a process from running to prevent a server crash. You can either stop all processes that a certain user is running, or you can stop a specific process by selecting it from a list of live processes.

Step 1

Type he server IP address followed by a colon and 2087 or follow your hosting server company or co-location center’s directions for accessing CPanel. Enter the administrator user name and password in the text fields when the CPanel login screen appears.

Step 2

Click System Health on the CPanel WHM home page; if you do not see the icon on your home screen, then locate System Health on the left sidebar menu.

Step 3

Click Process Manager and wait for the list of processes to appear.

Step 4

Kill all user processes by selecting the name from the Kill All Processes By User drop-down menu.

Step 5

Check the list of processes to see which processes might be using an inordinate amount of CPU resources or memory; the percentage of each is listed in the CPU and Memory columns for each process.

Step 6

Kill any individual processes by clicking the Kill prompt next to its process identification or PID number.

Step 7

Click the Back prompt that appears after the message “Killed (PID number)” to return to the list of processes. Kill additional processes as necessary.

Step 8

Test your server to make sure it works correctly. Restart the server if necessary.

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